SOMAH Solar Grant


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$1 Billion dollars for solar energy systems dedicated to Affordable Housing in California.  


What is SOMAH?

SOMAH (Solar On Multifamily Affordable Housing) is the result of California State Assembly Bill 693 which allocates $100M annually in grant funding to help affordable multifamily property owners go solar. The bill aims to dramatically shift the way California’s affordable housing residents receive and pay for their electricity. 


Free Solar Energy For Tenants

100% of tenant unit solar costs are subsidized with SOMAH.

Increase NOI

20-30% of common area solar costs are subsidized with SOMAH to make reducing common area electric costs extremely easy.

Increase Property Appeal

Reduce vacancy rates with sustainable amenities and enhanced marketing appeal. 

Federal Depreciation Tax Credits Available

While SOMAH's 100% grant funding and the Federal Solar ITC Tax Credit cannot be utilized together, accelerated depreciation is a federal tax advantage that can be received for solar in combination with SOMAH funding. 

SOMAH Benefits

The Smart Way To Provide Solar Energy To Tenants

Maximize the market value-add from SOMAH funding  by including our live energy monitoring & tenant engagement app at no additional cost. 


Personalized Savings Insight

Our software platform will deliver personalized tenant solar use and energy consumption details via a customized monthly email, printed statement, or digital app experience.

Shared Solar Monitoring

Cutting edge monitoring technology keeps track of your shared solar distribution using smart algorithms and integrates with utility tariffs to provide personalized grid vs solar monitoring details to low-income tenants. 

Tenant Education Made Simple

It would be a waste to spend 1 billion dollars without making a lasting impression. Our digital mobile application will provide a smart digital experience with long-term personal relevance on what solar means for each tenant. 

Intelligent Reporting and Bench Marking

Shared solar allocation monitoring will make state equity distribution reporting and system monitoring easy to comply with. The system will break down the individual value that a SOMAH funded solar project provides for each individual tenant in equity value.


How To Get Started

Whether we work directly with you or partner with your solar contractor, we can deliver an enhanced & optimized system with our value-add tech.

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Our goal is to bring solar energy to the doors of 350,000 tenants in the next 3 years. We can't do it alone!






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