Shared Solar Simplified

What is Shared Solar? And why is it important for you to know about?

Sustainable living has become a big part of our daily lives in the United States the last 5 years. Some are adopting practices to help minimize their carbon footprint, whether it's composting food waste or using less single-use plastics, while others are going one step further and trying to figure out how to take advantage of solar energy. No doubt, some have wondered if they could become more energy efficient by incorporating solar panels on their apartments or commercial properties. But the problem is how do you split up the solar energy produced in a fair way?

The challenge, of course, is that an apartment isn't a tenant's building to modify, and the roof-space isn't theirs to add solar panels. And without the ability to shop around for electricity most residents are stuck with their local electric provider.  Currently, access to onsite clean energy for over half of CA population almost 20 Million people is not attainable. With local electric companies like SDG&E raising their baseline energy rates 106% in the last 10 years, electricity consumers are tired of increasing costs with no explanation or justification as to why such high increases.  

Now, thanks to Ivy’s multi family billing software, Property owners are able to purchase a solar asset and generate electricity onsite that they then can turn around and sell to their tenants.

Our Ivy Intelligent software uses proprietary virtual grid algorithms to distribute solar energy in accordance with real time energy usage data and relates this solar allocation to exact avoided utility rates. This creates the best method of equality between all tenants when distributing solar savings. Our software collects smart virtual net meter energy usage data and provides multi-cost calculation bench marking. Ivy Energy acts as a virtual utility inside an apartment complex operating as the brain() for clean energy distribution.

This helps property owners maximize their return on investment and provides protection against over discounting or over-billing by mirroring utility rates as they change over time. Delivering a billing experience that creates brand value for the community by clarifying energy usage, costs, and savings in a easy user friendly design. Our solution dis-aggregates the benefits of a shared onsite energy system creating a financial return for owners and consumer friendly savings and understanding for residents. Ivy seamlessly integrates with property owners current billing ledger and offers a new solution for distributing solar energy fairly and honestly. Creating a Win-Win experience for Property Owners & Tenants

  • It works for renters
  • No roof is needed
  • There is nothing to maintain
  • And you can get a guaranteed discount

Ultimately, community solar is a hands-off experience. In fact, you never even have to see the solar farm in action in order to use its electricity. What cannot be stressed enough about community solar is that it is one of the easiest ways to adopt green electricity and save on electric bills. Compared to residential solar panel installations, participating in community solar programs open the door and minimizes risk for those who cannot or do not wish to purchase their own personal solar energy system.

Step 1- Complex owner invests in a solar energy assets (Solar Arrays, carports, ev chargers etc)
Step 2- Tenants get onboarded to Ivy SaaS Onsite Energy Monitoring, Distribution, & Billing
Step 3 - Ivy integrates with owners current ledger and manages all of the solar billing.
Step 4- Owner makes good return on investment, adding a new income to property.
Step 5- Tenants flock to your property! Happy Tenants, Happy Owner

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Shared Solar Simplified